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About AZULA Bikini Boutique

Online bikini boutique since 2010

AZULA badmode online

Since 2010 AZULA is offerring a stunning swimwear collection for women and girls. Every year we put together our collection with care for color, shape and uniqueness. This results in a collection that consists mainly of latin swimwear brands. Because we really like vibrant colors and innovative cuts and fits. 

Do you like to wear an exclusive bikini or onepiece? Then you must like fashion and you are not scared of setting trends in stead of following them. You know really well what you like and what you want to wear for next summer. And you are sure you do NOT want to meet other women in the same bikini on the beach every day! So exclusive and unique is what you are looking for. Just like you are.

Find your perfect, unique bikini online at AZULA where we bring you exclusive, designer swimwear with latin flair.

AZULA brought several brands to Europe. We tend to have 'a nose' for trends and new brands that will win the hearts of European women. Other shops do pick up these new brands, of course, but we did discover them! 

Azula knows instantly what trends will do well next season. We follow the news and connect with trendwatchers in order to know what we should bring to you. We want to offer more to European women than the regular black or darkblue bikinis with their predictable cuts and lines. There must be more than that. So that is our mission; we want to offer the choice of color, innovation, daring cuts and pazazz.

Yes, our swimwear is a bit more expensive than the bikinis you can buy everywhere. But ours make you feel special and make you want to show off your curves and figure in those hot cuts and sensual lines.

"An online shop does not mean we can not offer personal service".

We know it for sure. Personal advise and help can also be given to online customers. We have a chat, you can reach us by e-mail and we will reply within minutes or hours at most. To help you find your perfect bikini we do not only offer you our collection and service but we also resized all latin sizes. Meaning we assess the bikini and give it the right European size. So, if you buy a German size 38 with us, you get a German size 38. And that can mean you will find an 'L'or 'XL' label in the bikini lining. Read all about the size you have to choose at AZULA on our sizing and tables page.

But what about trying it on? Well, you just do that in the comfort of your own home. No bright, white lights from above that will make you look not like yourself. You can try our swimwear on in front of your own mirror and be the judge of the fit, color and quality yourself. You will see immediately if the bikini will do you right. And if you have doubts about the sizing just ask us for help.  After over 10 years in the bodyfashion business....we have heard all questions before and know just how to help.


Bibi Schel