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Bikini bottom cuts, coverage and styles

AZULA brought the latin cut bikini bottom to Europe. And we are happy to see that a lot of European women finally realize that a narrow cut bottom will make you bum look smaller!

The more fabric you use to cover your bottom the bigger it will look. So we say NO to the huge shorts if you do not have a tiny bottom. We say; show your curves in a pretty and feminine narrow cut style. Do you have lovely dimples called cellulite, are your bottoms too big in your opinion, is your girlfriends bottom much prettier.....we say, just show off yours. If you are confident of showing your bottom, they will look great! There are many styles to choose from. We are sure you will find yours.


Full coverage, wide cut, normal cut

volledig bedekkend bikini broekjeThis is the style we are used to in Europe. Latin brands tend to make this cut just a little bit narrower. We call that the moderate coverage, but sometimes you will not even notice the difference.



Cheeky cut

cheeky bikini broekjeA cheeky cut just reveales the bottom part of your bottom a little more. It is a perfect style for those that do want to wear a smaller bottom, but do not want to wear the narrow cut latin style. Just a add little bit of sexyness.... 

Our advice; Stop pulling down your pants. This cut should fit like this. You look great don't worry.



Latin (Brazilian) cut

latin bikini brazilian broekjeThis latin cut bikini bottom style offers narrower coverage. Surely not a thong, but narrower than the full coverage. It makes your bottom look smaller and rounder. It flatters both small and large bottoms. You will ake heads turn!




Thong or semi thong

semi string bikini broekjeWe are sure about it. The thong will make its comeback soon. Some collections offer already some styles. The new bikini thong is sometimes scrunched  'between the cheeks' (heart shaped effect).

Or we see ruffles. Just know that a thong fits both small and larger bottoms as long as they are round and firm.





hipster bikini broekjeThis style does not say anything about coverage but more about the hight of the waistband. A hipster can be full coverage, latin or thong.




scrunch bikini

This tipicly latin style found its way to Europe, The scrunched backpanel creates two seperate smaller 'cheeks' in stead of one bigger one. That is why it makes every bottom look smaller. Of course the heart shaped result is feminine and fresh as well. We just love this style and advise you to try it out.