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Bikini care instructions

Make sure you can enjoy your new swimwear for a long time



Swimwear is made from delicate fabrics such as lycra.

  • Rinse your swimwear directly after wearing in luke warm water
  • Never wrench dry but squeeze dry softly
  • Hang or lay down to dry in a place that is not too hot (not on the heater) and not directly in the sun
  • You can wash with soap but always use a mild soap that is good for wool or silk
  • Never use a washing machine 
  • Never use a dryer


  • swimwear with beads and sequin decoration is beautiful but is not really good for the real swimwork or beachsports
  • Try not to go of slides
  • Sitting down on rough surfaces will make your bikini fluff or lint
  • Be aware of sun screen lotions and tanning lotions. They will damage your swimwear.
  • Sweat will damage lycra and create those see-through parts in swimwear. So if you are not really a swimmer, take a shower once or twice to rinse off.