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Bikini bottom styles and coverage

AZULA was one of the first shops to sell the latin-cut bikini brief. And although most women are hard to convince, most of our customers already know about the secret of this cut.

We say that the more fabric you use to cover your bottom, the larger it will look. This does not mean we advise all women to wear a string bikini! But we do advise women to reconsider. Your bottom might look better in a bikini brief with less coverage at the back. Even if it is just a little less, you will see the difference. Women need to not only accept the fact that we have curves, and yes we even have thos little dimples in our bottoms. So what! We think that curvacious bottoms, large, small, round, flat, tight or soft, they all deserve to be seen. In the prettiest bikini you can imagine of course.

AZULA offers different types of bikini briefs. The coverage varies from wide to very narrow. The latin brands prefer the latin cut, but they do offer a wider cut as well. 


Full coverage 

volledig bedekkend bikini broekjeThis is what were are used to and still most comfortable in. But be aware, this wide cut might make your bottom look larger than it is. 
So do check out the other cuts below and just try it.





cheeky bikini broekje

A cheeky cut just show a bit more of your bum. The lower part of the backside of the bikini brief is cut more hollow so it gives a little peak. Just a subtle difference, but with big results. It creates a cheeky look without making it too much. Just make sure not to try to pull down your panty all day. It looks silly and you must get used to the fact that it is meant to show off your bottom!


Latin (Brazilian)

latin bikini brazilian broekjeA latin cut panty (brazilian cut) has a tipical narrower cut at the back. But no, it is surely not the same as a string. I just covers less of your bottom than a regular bikini brief. This cut flatters almost all shapes and it will make heads turn. 



String (semi-string)

semi string bikini broekjeFor next years we do expect a revival of the string bikini brief. This ultra narrow cut will return on the braches of Europe. Combine it with a stylish top and a sophiticated print. In our opinion you must have a round and quite toned bottom. Big or small. Are you blessed with round bums? Just give it a try.




hipster bikini broekjeThe hipster bikini bottom is not really a coverage style, but it says more abount the height of the waitsband. A hipster waistband sits lower on the hips. This style has been the normal fit for years. But we see the band rising again.Still, we do not expect the hipster fit to dissapear. It will stay for many more years. But if you do wear both a hipster and a bikini brief with a higher not forget to get rid of the 'old' tanning lines....




scrunch bikiniThis is a tipical latin style. The scrunchy fit. Thanks to an extra elastic band stiched into the backpanel of the bikini bottom you get a perfect heart-shaped coverage. This style combines with normal, latin and even cheeky or string coverage. We love it because it makes your bum look more feminin and smaller.