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Damages to swimwear caused by inaccurate and careless wearing, washing and drying cannot be claimed. This damage can be recognised by discoloration, sheer spots, lost elasticity or fluffs. All our brands use high quality materials that are made to make your swimwear last for a long time. 

Some of our bikinis are decorated with beads or sequins. Check if they are attached correctly before wearing your swimwear. If not this is a fabrication error and we do offer a guarantee. After you used your swimwear lost beads or sequins can no longer be claimed, because they have probalby have come off due to careless use. Read our wear- and care instructions.

All production errors are our concern of course. So if you received a faulty item let us know within 14 days after receiving the product. It is alway advisable to send us a photo of the problem so we can assess it and prvide a good solution.