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Payment methods

After choosing your products and adding them to your shopping basket you can proceed to checkout. This means you commit to a purchase with a payment. 
We ask you to fill out all details we need to take care of delivering your products. We only use your contact details and other details you provide to us, for handling your order. We do not use them for any other purpose nor will we give your details to any other party, unless they need them too during the process of delivering your order.

Whilst shopping you see the stockstatus for every prouct and size, so when you add a product to your shopping basket you know how long it will take for us to deliver your order.
Do you want to know more about shipping and delivery times? Go to our Customer Service pages

Our online payments are handled by:

AZULA does not get your banking details. They remain on the secured platform from Multisafepay. All transactions and reimbursements go through this platform. A safe feeling!

We accept the following payment methods:

'REALTIME payment methods' do not cause delays in shipping and delivery times. 


IDEAL (Netherlands) (REALTIME)

Simple online payments with a trusted partner.

credit cards


Delay is possible in case of not immediately passing a fraud check.
NO EXTRA CHARGES from AZULA for credit card payments.
We accept Master Card and Visa credit cards. 

ATTENTION: orders with credit card payment can only be delivered if 
the card is issued in the same country as the delivery address.


Easy payments if you have a PayPal account.


For German customers. 



Pay with your bank card (with Maestro logo) and pincode. 
Not ready for all European countries yet, but this will follow soon.


Bank transfer

You can choose to pay by bank transfer. 
This payment method pay take up to several days for the payment to arrive with us, 
so it always means you have to wait a bit longer for your package to arrive. 
If you want to pay by banktransfer to avoid risks, 
please choose payment by credit card or Paypal. Those payments are 'safer'.


Customers from Belgium, Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, France and Poland 
can pay with Sofort Banking. This is also a realtime payment method.


For Belgian customers.