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Swimwear trends for 2016

Swimwear trends for 2016. We already have them! (20-03-2015)

And of course we bring the latest news on swimwear trends first. 

For 2016 we see 5 main themes:


Swimwear 2016 trend African Jungle

Jungle Fever swimwear is a celebration of Africa with all its diversity, extremes and contradictions. It is about mixing things that have never been mixed before - organic, man-made, natural and digital. North African kaftans, djellabas, tunics and ponchos inspire cover-ups for men and women. The shape of swimwear worden is even adjusted to this trend; fine, flowing materials, natural cotton and even synthetic leathers and suede. 

Colors and prints derive directly from the African jungle with leafprints, bright flower colors and ethnic patterns. 



Badmode trend Graphic Couture

Pop-art is the main inspiration for this trend. Optical illusions, movement and 3-d effects are the main characterisics of this graphical swimwear trend. These bikinis and one pieces are simple in its form but corset-like structures and body shaping materials follow the curves of the women figure perfectly. 

The colors and patterns come out at their best thanks to the satin shine materials and little sparkles in the fabric. 



Bikini 2016 trend Sporty Mosaic

80' s kitsch with a glimpse into these past trends. This swimwear is combined with enlarged sporty details. Flower prints are forbidden! This trend is fun, fresh and sporty with a pinch of retro-kitsch.  



Badmode trend 2016 Dark Glam

This dark, mystical and confident world is grasped by the 'Dark Glam' swimwear trend. We expect this theme to be our favorite for the 2016 swimwear collections. Dark blue, black, dark brown combined with zippers, latex, leather-look, studs and beads. We do not see animal prints, but we do see a lot of animal skin textures in the fabrics and materials. So relief patterns from leather, alligator skin, snake skin and metals result in tough yet glamorous bikinis and one pieces.   



Bikini 2016 Painters Garden

As in every years collection the arche-trend 'romantic' is translated to the current fashion scenes. Sights of nature and flowers as is they were painted are the new prints. Soft, flowing fabrics with silky shine or modern techniques like a porcelain look. That is the new romantic swimwear for 2016.



We predict to see more high cut swimwear. The high cut legs from the 80's will return! In 2015 we noticed this trend, but still discretely. In 2016 we see this trend becoming big!
Also the thong bikini and one piece will make a return to the beaches. Don't worry, the new thong swimwear will be sophisticated.



Papaya orange and soft blue.

badmode trends 2016

Trendkleur 2016 bikini en badmode 

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