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Swimwear trends 2015

Azula has proven for many years that we have a nose for trends and brands. We introduced new brands in Europe; Maaji, Paradizia, Fiz, OndadeMar, Palmarosa and more.

We also were the first to see that the latin bikini bottom with narrow coverage would win the hearts of European women. And we know that they will eventually also see that a complete beachlook with matching cover-ups, shoes,, bags, hats and more is En we waren de eerste die jaren geleden al voorspelde dat het smallere broekje weer terug zou komen.Inmiddels zien we ook dat de Hollandse vrouwen eindelijk de totale beachlook hebben omarmd. Afgelopen zomer verkochten we steeds meer complete sets. Een bikini met tuniek en tas. Of een bikini met bijpassende jurk. Mooi én praktisch tegelijk.

Of course we will bring the latest news on theswimwear trends for 2016 first. And we will present you our newest swimwear collection as soon as we have photo materials and prices of the 2016 bikinis in our preview collection.

6 hot swimwear trends for 2015

transparant swimwear2015 is the year of new materials and fabrics in swimwear. Especially semi-transparant and mesh fabrics find their way in the latest swimwear. Designer use the elastic mesh for panels in bikini tops and bottoms and of course in one pieces. It brings a touch of sexyness and style. 

Be careful when you wear these mesh materials. They are beautiful but also very delicate.

Shop the transparant styles here





metallic bikini glitterA lot of shine, glitters and sparlke is used for creating the 2015 swimwear collections. Metallic fabrics, high gloss prints, pearls shell effect and little sparkles in the fabric. When worn in the summer sun you know this swimwear will make you shine. Thanks to the sparkles your bikini will get a luxurious and glamour look instantly.  

Shop shine and glitter bikinis here






sportstyle swimwear

All fashionable swimwear brands have at least one in their 2015 collection; the sportstyle one piece. Influenced by surfstyles, scuba materials and sportsuits these one pieces are totally sporty, but thanks to the creativity of our swimwear designers this swimwear is also really feminine and hot. We love the high necklines and zippers!

Shop here for the sports and surfstyle swimwear 






trendy one pieces

One pieces are back. And they are hotter than ever! So if you prefer a one piece you have a wide selection to choose from.  

Do you want to cover up stretchmarks or hide a little belly. This is your year, because now you can do that and be super trendy.
Most women do not even know that a lot of men think a one piece is more sexy than a two piece. We think every women should at least have one in her closet. 

Shop here for one pieces


strappy bikini

The extra straps on swimwear started with the Marlies Dekkers straps on lingerie. Being Dutch, like Marlies Dekkers, we followed and loved this strappy trend from the beginning.

Latin designers twist, turn and braid their straps it even looks like macrame sometimes. These straps lift up every bikini and one piece to a little piece of art.

Shop your strappy swimwear here





thong bikini trend

The thong is heading for a revival. In 2015 some designer have added this style back in to their collections. Not the sexy way we used to see in the 80's but this time in a more sophisticated way. The thong will be seen more often in 2015 and the years to come. Mind our words.....

 Blessed with round and firm bottoms big or small? You will rock a thong....just give it a try.

Shop for a thong bikini




More high cut styles. The hipster loses ground.

High cut bikini bottoms are coming back. After many years of hipster styles the high leg bikini cut is ready to take over this leading position on the beaches. Miley Cyrus set the trend and now the rest follows. We will surely have to get used to this style again, but it does flatter feminine legs. Do not forget to tan your hipster lines away.

high cut bikini bottoms 


Sneak Preview Paradizia 2015 Fashion show


Swimwear trend colours 2015 

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